ISI Sports is poised to oversee more than 100 sportsbooks within US and International casinos. If you want to own shares in a sportsbook, now is your chance!

We're redefining the usual startup financing model which leans heavily on venture capital. Embracing inclusivity, our Community Round is designed to be open for investment by everyone

| Share Price: $1.44 | Minimum Investment: $1,000.80 | Offering Period: April 22, 2024 – September 1, 2024 | Target Offering Amount of $24,999.84 to a Maximum Amount of $119,786.40 Shares of common stock

  • Opportunity

Race and Sportsbook Turn-key Solutions!

Over the next few years, more than 200 US Tribal casinos are slated to incorporate sportsbooks into their casinos, along with over 50 commercial casinos. ISI holds a notable edge in being selected as the turn-key sportsbook provider for these casinos. Presently, ISI caters to 32 casinos with its services, and we anticipate that by 2026, this number could increase to as many as 100 casinos utilizing our services.
  • Market
In 2021-22, companies invested over $20B in sports betting acquisitions and partnerships. The global sports betting market size grew from $96.84 billion in 2022 to $104.78 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% (*source: Fortune Business Insights).

Strategic deals are shaping the U.S. market.

Global Sports Betting Market Size


2022 Market Size


2023 Est. Market Size

$10.92B in revenue for 2023, according to Doug Greenberg of
USD 231.2 Billion by 2032
Source: Fortune Business Insights and Acumen Research and Consulting
  • Use of Funds
Below is the intended breakdown of uses of proceeds from this offering.


Capital Expenditures


Working Capital


Capital Reserve

Capital Expenditures

In the upcoming years, ISI plans to procure and distribute up to 1,000 sportsbook kiosks. Smaller casinos are projected to purchase between 2 to 4 kiosks each, whereas larger casinos are expected to acquire 4 to 12 kiosks. Consequently, ISI must ensure ample inventory availability to accommodate these impending orders.

Working Capital

This category includes expenditures on salaries and wages, legal and accounting fees for planned public offering, other professional service fees and travel.

Capital Reserve

As ISI expands, it will require capital reserves both to fuel growth and meet regulatory requirements. ISI garners a share of the winnings or losses from every sports event wagered on. While there is typically an overall profit at the end of the year, fluctuations in monthly outcomes could result in losses. To cover its share of potential losses, ISI must maintain capital reserves. Furthermore, there will be lucrative investment prospects, such as establishing a sportsbook room within a casino. Securing these opportunities will necessitate capital reserves. Lastly, obtaining licensing in each specific casino mandates demonstrating adequate capital reserves to be granted the license.

  • Product - ISI Sports Stand Kiosk

Efficient for any size casino or race track, including those with smaller budgets, limited space and/or personnel. The ISports Stand Fully automated Sportsbook kiosk is a perfect solution for any operator looking to automate its Sportsbook quickly and accept real time wagering 24/7.

The self-service kiosk is capable of bringing your race and Sportsbook onto the main casino floor. Simply place the kiosk near bars, gaming pits, slots machines, casino cage, or any high-traffic area. Don’t make your customers hunt for the Race & Sportsbook – this kiosk, with its integrated bill acceptor, brings the Race & Sportsbook to your customer!

Fully automated Sportsbook writer Takes up only 3ft by 3ft per unit. Eliminates the need for additional employees or expensive remodeling

Multi-lingual * Never calls in sick * Open 24/7

  • Full access to all sports propositions and pari-mutuel horse racing
  • (Optional) Secondary monitor displays events and current lines
  • ADA compliant
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • 20″ touchsystems resistive touch screen
  • An Intel® Celeron® 3855U Processor, Windows
  • Provides tools for easy compliance with currency transaction reports and book wagering reports
  • Quantity discounts are available
  • Multi Service doors
  • Double locked bill validator
  • 20″ LCD
  • Founding Team

We're a team of geeks, developers, bookmakers, and entrepreneurs who love sports betting!

Bill Stearns

Co-Founder, President & Chairman of the Board

Ernest Matthews

Co-Founder & Vice President

Ken Bradway


Darren Bradway

CFO & Head of Risk Management

  • Revenue Model

ISI generates revenue through three primary streams. The primary source is the sportsbook turnkey solution, emphasizing technology and odds management. In exchange for these services, ISI receives a share of the casino's winnings and a fixed monthly software fee. Additionally, ISI assists casinos in finding an online solution tailored to their requirements, typically earning a commission from either the casino or the online service provider. A forthcoming revenue stream to be introduced in 2025 is a white-labeled online iGaming platform. Envisioning a trend where most tribal casinos aim to offer their own iGaming app, ISI intends to supply them with a comprehensive turn-key solution for this purpose.

Financial Statements

The company has compiled financial statements that can be found within the Form C offering statement, which should be reviewed by investors prior to making an investment.

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Further information regarding valuation and the terms of the offered securities can be found in the Form C offering statement, which should be reviewed by investors prior to making an investment.

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